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Spooky Loves Sugar

6 ft tall plus sized amazon warrior princess. I'm Spooky, I'm obsessed with cute things and good deals. I'm no longer in my twenties. I'm addicted to the thrift store, cats, video games, cute outfits, collecting weird things and a good chocolate stout. Sugar is my favorite food group.
Jun 20 '14

My eyebrows are amazing today!

May 26 '14

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May 4 '14
Apr 29 '14



As some of you may know I am a LUSH Cosmetics employee and I get a lot of cool stuff! Soooo since I love you all I’m having a small giveaway to celebrate spring.


  • Cannot be a LUSH Cosmetics employee. (This is because we get a lovely discount and I would rather someone who can’t always afford Lush products to have some.)
  • Must be 18 or have a parents permission to give out your name/address.
  • Reblog once only. Multiples will be disqualified. Likes do not count.
  • You don’t have to be following me but followers will get two extra bonus prizes.
  • Shipping is US only. 
  • No giveaway blogs please!


  • Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Limited Edition)
  • Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo
  • Ponche Shower Gel (Limited Edition)
  • Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
  • Feeling Younger Skin Tint
  • Imogen Rose 9ml Perfume Atomizer
  • Red and Green “FUN”

If you are following me you will be able to pick one retro item off the website (ten dollar value) and two online only perfume samples.

Winner will be chosen by a random number generator. Contest ends May 31st!


Mar 23 '14

just fucking eat this whole sack of flour


just fucking eat this whole sack of flour

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Mar 23 '14

John Wainwright (British, active 1845-1873)

John Wainwright (British, active 1845-1873)

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Mar 23 '14
Feb 10 '14



I’ve FINALLY gotten around to doing one of these, and since I’ve recently hit 10k sales in my etsy shop, I thought a giveaway would be a good way to thank you guys for your continued support!!!

You will recieve everything pictured which includes:
- Slime Tote Bag
- Dear Patriarchy Patch
- Not Your Doll Pocket Mirror
- My Choice, Cool Cat, And Total Babe Button
- Feminist Banner Brooch
- Feminist Forever Sticker
- A personalized Valentine from yours truly

- Any 3 buttons of your choice from my shop
- A personalized Valentine from yours truly

- Any pocket mirror of your choice from my shop
- A personalized Valentine from yours truly


- Reblog this post to enter, you may reblog up to three times.
- Giveaway blogs need not apply!
- You must be following me for your entry(s) to count.
- You also must have an open ask box/a way for me to contact you on your blog page in the case that you win! If I don’t hear back from you within 48 hours I will have to pick someone else!
- Giveaway ends FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH (Valentines Day) at 12PM EST. Winners will be selected in order using a random number generator thingy.

OK, thats it! GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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Feb 9 '14
"3 Things that repel Men
Learn the 3 Female behaviors that make Men lose Interest immediately…”
(((This ad was on the side of my Facebook. How bout I don’t give any fucks?))))) Actually…I want to learn what they are, so I can do them all the time because I don’t give a shit if it “repels” you. Stupid ads geared towards stupid people. 
Feb 9 '14
Don’t worry ladies age 30 ain’t got nothing on me!

Don’t worry ladies age 30 ain’t got nothing on me!